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Faces of the World – Saudi Arabia



Faces of the World: Saudi Arabia

I have not done a Faces of the World in awhile… This is the first randomly generated country today. The woman is actually the Saudi Princess Ameerah Al Taweel. The man is from a photo in a tech article.

The main ethnic group in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Arab and the official religion is Islam.


Faces of the World – Lebanon


Lebenon FW

Faces of the World: Lebanon

Our Lebanese faces are, Lebanon born and raised American Actor, Haaz Sleiman, and Lebanese singer/actress, May Hariri.

Haaz has been in all kinds of American TV series and movies.

Historically, Lebanon was home to the Canaanite-Phoenicians, then followed the Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Ottomans Turks, and finally the French. Lebanon is ethnically diverse place with a very enriched/fused culture. Lebanon officially gained its independence from France in 1943. Lebanon is nearly equally Muslim and Christian, but Muslims do have the majority.

Random Fact of the Day – Yemen



Yemen is the only country in the Middle East that is a Republic, yet it is one of the most Conservative. For example Alcohol is forbidden and it is also a forbidden to take photos of women. Many historians believe that Yemen was the ancient homeland of “Queen of Sheba” (Balqis or Bilqis in Arabic). Her dealings with the Jewish king Solomon have been mentioned in the Bible and Qur’an. Since the history and culture of Yemen is ancient and somewhat preserved, the Queen of Sheba may have looked similar to this Yemeni woman in traditional formal dress.