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Faces of the World – Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe FW

Faces of the World: Zimbabwe

There are two main indigenous tribes/ethnic groups of Zimbabwe. They are the Shona (who make up 80% of the population), and the Ndebele (who make up 12% of the population. This man and woman are of the Shona group. The Ndebele can usually be identified by the rings worn to elongate their necks. The country also still has a very small amount of Europeans as it was once a British colony until about 50 years ago. The main religion of Zimbabwe is Christianity. Other religions present are Islam, and Baha’i.


Faces of the World – Guatemala


Gutemala FW

Faces of the World: Guatemala

Our Guatemalan faces are a young man and woman of Indigenous Mayan origin.

A lot of people in Guatemala came from the Ancient Meso-American Civilization of the Mayan Empire. Although Spanish Conquistadors explored, settled, and colonized in the region, the distinct Mayan people and culture still exists there. The two Guatemalan ethnic groups today are the Mestizo (48%), though 41% are various indigenous peoples. The main religion today is Christianity. In addition to colonization of the Spanish, Guatemala was also colonized by Mexico. They gained their independence in 1823.

Faces of the World – Trinidad and Tobago


Trinidad and Tobago FW

Faces of the World: Trinidad and Tobago

Our Trinidadian faces are a carnival goer from Port of Spain, and the famous Nikki Minaj, who was born in St. James. Both are mixed with African and East Indian ancestry.

Trinidad and Tobago is a twin Island country and though closer to South America, is culturally much like the Caribbean. Trinidad especially is one of the most culturally diverse places in the world. It has changed hands between many colonist, such as the Spaniards, the British, French, and even the Dutch. Some of the colonist brought slaves and indentured servants from Africa and India. Over time, people culturally diffused and intermarried. Tobago remains more distinctly African, but Trinidad is so diverse that Trinidadians are known to claim they are not African, or Indian (which are the largest ethnic groups of the island), but they are Trinidadian.

The main ethnic groups of Trinidad are: Indian, African, Carib and Arawak (Amerindian), Spanish and Portuguese. The main religions of Trinidad are: Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam.

Faces of the World – New Zealand


New Zealand

Faces of the World: New Zealand

Our New Zealander faces are a young Maori man and woman. Before British colonization of the Island, this lush fertile wonderland was inhabited by the Indigenous Polynesian Maori since around the 13th Century ACE. The Island was isolated until about the mid 1600s, when Dutch explorers happened upon the Island. There was a fight and no one visited again until the British about 100 years later. The Maori developed a distinct and unique culture with their own language, a rich mythology, distinctive crafts and performing arts.

New Zealand is an “Independent Dominion” of the so called British Empire and the main religion is Christianity.

Faces of the World – Niue


Niuean Beauty

Faces of the World: Niue

Our Niuean faces are Maiga a Takalo folk dancer, and Vanessa Marsh, pageant contestant for Miss Niue.

Niue is a self-governing Island in the South Pacific near New Zealand. It is home to Polynesian people. Niue is a British territory and the main religion is Christianity.

Faces of the World – Paraguay


Paraguay FW

Faces of the World: Paraguay

Our Paraguayan faces are football athlete, Roque Santa Cruz from AsunciĆ³n, and also from AsunciĆ³n, model and javelin Olympian Leryn Franco.

*Leryn Franco is world renowned for her beauty. She is been on many “Top Whatever” lists of beautiful women around the world.

The main ethnic group of Paraguay are the Mestizo people. Paraguay was at one time a Spanish colony, but they gained their independence in 1811. The main religion is Christianity.

Faces of the World – Mauritania


Muaritania FW

Faces of the World: Mauritania

Our Mauritanian faces are Bedouin Arab-Berber man named Omar, and Haratin Girl named Zenib.

Mauritania is a Maghrebi African country and home to , several ethnic groups. Until very recently, many practice what is called Leblouh. It is when girls as young as 5 years old are force fed a high fat diet as much as 16,000 calories a day in order to fatten them up. Obesity was a sign of wealth and attractiveness, so mothers inflicted this upon their daughters as a way to make good marriages for them. With exposure to Western Culture (Cultural Diffusion), younger generations of men disapprove of this practice. Also, most Mauritanians have now become aware of the harm this does to their girls health and well being.

There are many human rights issues in Mauritania at this time. Slavery still exists and discrimination against Black Africans and women, as well as child labor violations. The official religion in Mauritania is Islam and there are 7 distinct ethnic groups in Mauritania. The Berber and Arab ethnicties (Moors) make up the caucasian majority. Then there is also the mixed Haratin people. The black African ethnic groups include the Tukulor, Sarakole, Fulani, Wolof, and the Bambara. Mauritania was also once a French colony and they gained their independence in 1960.