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Faces of the World – Laos


Laos FW

Faces of the World: Laos

Our Laotian faces are a man and woman in traditional Laotian dress.

Laos is home to many ethnic groups, the dominate ones being Lao, Khmu, and Hmong. Loas was once colonized by the French, but they gained their independence in 1953. Laos is mainly Buddhist.


Faces of the World – Korea


Korea FW

Faces of the World: South Korea

Our Korean faces are actor Cha Seung Won from Anyang, and singer/actress Bae Suzy from Gwangju.

Korean culture has mostly been influenced/fused with Chinese culture. However, from 1910-1945, Korea was a Japanese territory, so there is a Japanese influence as well. South Korea is mainly Agnostic and Atheist. However Buddhism and Christianity are the largest organized religions in the country. Korean culture is also heavily influenced by Confucianism.