Random Fact of the Day – Brunei



Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Wad’daulah, the 29th Sultan of Brunei is one of Forbes richest men in the world with a net worth of USD 20 Billion. He owns five thousand cars, including around 20 Lamborghinis, 160 Porsches, 130 Rolls Royces, 360 Ferraris, 170 Jaguars, 180 BMWs, 360 Bentleys, and 530 Mercedes-Benzes. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah belongs to the same family that has ruled Brunei for over six hundred years. Despite the fact that Brunei is classified as a developing country, Bruneians get free education and health care, subsidized food and housing, and they do not pay personal income taxes.


Faces of the World – Lebanon


Lebenon FW

Faces of the World: Lebanon

Our Lebanese faces are, Lebanon born and raised American Actor, Haaz Sleiman, and Lebanese singer/actress, May Hariri.

Haaz has been in all kinds of American TV series and movies.

Historically, Lebanon was home to the Canaanite-Phoenicians, then followed the Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Ottomans Turks, and finally the French. Lebanon is ethnically diverse place with a very enriched/fused culture. Lebanon officially gained its independence from France in 1943. Lebanon is nearly equally Muslim and Christian, but Muslims do have the majority.

Faces of the World – Germany


Germany FW

Face of the World: Germany

Our German faces are actor Ken Duken, from Heidelberg, and actress Josefine Preuss, from Brandenburg.

Historically speaking, Germany was once the seat of the Holy Roman Empire, which consisted at times of modern day Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech and Slovak Republics, as well as parts of eastern France, northern Italy, Slovenia, and western Poland. Naturally a lot of cultural fusion has taken place between in Germany and all these countries in general. Germany is mainly Christian and has been called “Das Land der Dichter und Denker” (The land of poets and thinkers), because of the major role its writers and philosophers have played in the development of Western thought.

Random Fact of the Day – Papua New Guinea



The Dani tribe of Papua New Guinea practices something called “ritual warfare.” Every so often the tribe meets on a field and they do a mock battle (but not really), they throw spears at each other. If someone happens to get hit, it just happens. They are appeasing the ghost of their ancestors. Most of the warfare observed among the Dani does not occur under “raid or starve” conditions, but is instead a kind of ritual warfare. They rationalize warfare in terms of their religious mythology, “to appease the spirits of the ghosts.” Some blood must be spilled on the ground in times of prolonged peace, so the ghost ancestors do not get restless and cause misfortunes or curse the tribe. A way that outsiders tend to look at it is they are keeping their warrior skills sharp, should a serious battle break out. Yes, sometimes people are seriously injured, sometimes they die, and sometimes they just get a scratch. The point is the ritual aspect of it.

Faces of the World – Guatemala


Gutemala FW

Faces of the World: Guatemala

Our Guatemalan faces are a young man and woman of Indigenous Mayan origin.

A lot of people in Guatemala came from the Ancient Meso-American Civilization of the Mayan Empire. Although Spanish Conquistadors explored, settled, and colonized in the region, the distinct Mayan people and culture still exists there. The two Guatemalan ethnic groups today are the Mestizo (48%), though 41% are various indigenous peoples. The main religion today is Christianity. In addition to colonization of the Spanish, Guatemala was also colonized by Mexico. They gained their independence in 1823.

Random Fact of the Day – Russia



In case you did not know, Russia is huge! Not only is it the biggest country in the world, but it is even bigger than Pluto! (Russia is 17 million Sq Km, and Pluto is 16.6 Million Sq Km.) 77% of Russia lies in Siberia. Siberia almost stretches to Japan, yet this huge area is very sparsely populated. Most of the 145 Million people live on the European continent of Russia, not the the Asian-Siberian one. Siberia is mostly dense forests and tundras.