Random Fact of the Day – Turkmenistan



Turkmenistan is home to many Turkmen. Turkmen are one of the original Turkic tribes, that migrated from Mongolia to Central Asia. Their rich culture and history has been preserved, and their nomadic heritage has survived into the 20th Century. Ruins of ancient Silk Road cities still dot the landscape.


Random Fact of the Day – Iran



Iran was the home of the Three Wise Men. These wise men were not kings or Christian. They were Zoroastrian magi priests from Iran (which was previously known as Persia). Marco Polo wrote that he visited the tomb of the three magi in Tehran in around 1270 ACE.

Random Fact of the Day – Hungary


Mezogazdaság - Beérett a fuszerpaprika Boldogon

Hungary is the Land of Paprika! This delicious spice is imported from Hungary from all over the world. Hungarian cuisine uses this spice in so many of their delicious dishes. Goulash (one of my favorites); sprinkled on fish, chicken, and vegetables; and even used for spiced cakes! You can never add too much Paprika to Hungarian food. 😋