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Globalization – Music & Dance – Shakira


Globalization of music and dance can be such a beautiful thing. I have seen many variations of Shakira’s Hips don’t Lie. She is one of my favorite performers and musicians. She is up there for me like Bela Bartok is. (Perhaps she has an interest in Ethnomusicology as well.) She blends music cross culturally and I love it. She is Colombian and Lebanese, but you can also hear Sub-Saharan African, Indian, and some other distinctly Asian elements to her music in various compositions. Her music does not only consist of Latin and Middle Eastern elements. Bartok said, “In art there are only fast or slow developments. Essentially it is a matter of evolution, not revolution.” He believed that although each culture had a beauty of it’s own, an advanced culture is never pure and isolated. Isolation is the ruin of culture, whereas blending is the evolution and advancement of culture. In other words, regarding music, music from isolated countries were inferior to music from non-isolated countries.