Faces of the World – Estonia


Estonia FW

Faces of the World: Estonia

Our Estonian faces are Johann Urb, an Actor from Tallinn, and Kerli (Kerli Kõiv), a famous singer/songwriter, from Elva.

*She is one of my favorite singers actually. Love her!

Although Estonia is home to several European Ethnic groups, the two main ones are Estonians and Russians. In the early parts of Estonian History, the region was much influenced by the Nordic peoples. Eventually Estonia was almost absorbed by the Russian Empire, but the Estonian people resisted and held onto to their cultural identity. However, when the Russian Empire fell and the Soviet Union rose, and after being occupied by Germany and Soviet Russia, Estonia was annexed by the Soviet Union.

Estonia became independent in 1991 with the fall of the Soviet Union. Many Estonians have been culturally fused and ethnically mixed with Norse/Germanic and Russian people. 28% of Estonians are Christian. Also, Estonia has a large Agnostic population of 22%, and 15% is Atheist. This is pretty common in a lot of former Soviet and even Communist countries. In communist countries, Nationalism takes precedence to religion. Some communist governments had/have banned or outlawed religion.


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