Faces of the World – Dominican Republic


Dominican Republic FW

Faces of the World: Dominican Republic

Our Dominican faces are actor Sergio Carlo, and model Arlenis Sosa.

The Dominican Republic shares the Island of Hispaniola with Haiti in the Caribbean. Like other Caribbean Islands, the DR is culturally fused. The natives of this Island are indigenous Taino peoples, the Spanish explorers arrived and set up colonies in the area, bringing with them African slaves. The French afterwards gained control over the country for a time before the revolt/war broke out and control was regained by the Spanish. The people of the DR are a mixed variation of Taino, Spanish, French, and/or African.

The Dominican Republic DR gain its independence from Spain in 1821, only to be seized by Haiti and the Island unified. Then they gained their independence from Haiti in 1844. Next they gained independence from Spain for the second time in 1865… Then from US Occupation in 1924… DR is mainly Christian.


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