Cloud Spirit – America


Hopi Could Spirit

Water. One thing that is certain cross culturally is that water is essential to all living organisms on this planet. For this reason, it is not surprising that many legends and deities evolve around the Earths most precious resource. Water. Naturally deities and spirits are, or were, especially prominent among dominantly agrarian societies and cultures. Cloud spirits are especially revered among most Native American tribes. They are the ones who control rain. A happy and benevolent spirit will bestow plenty of rain and usually ensure a good harvest, wheres as displeased spirit will withhold rain and may cause a drought and famine.

A Navajo friend of mine once told me that one way to anger a water/cloud spirit is to displace water. He said one should leave water where it is and only take as you need. Storing and transporting water is against the nature and natural order. Because water returns to the Earth, always, and given again by the rain clouds, moving it takes it from its place. Once removed, it can not return or be given again. Drought will eventually ensue. Pretty much, this ideology explains what happens when you upset the balance of nature. It destroys the ecosystem. Wisdom and pure logic can be found in folklore and traditions.


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