Margrethe II of Denmark (1940-Present)


Margrethe II of Denmark

Margrethe Alexandrine Þórhildur Ingrid was the first female Monarch of Denmark since the 14th Century. She is the eldest of three female children of Frederick IX and Ingrid of Sweden. At the time of her birth, only the closest male relative could ascend the throne of Denmark. Prince Knud, her uncle was the closest male relative. Margrethe’s father began to change the constitution in 1947 so his daughter could inherit the throne after him. Margrethe’s mother could no longer have any more children. The Act of Succession if 1953 drove a wedge between brothers and destroyed an already fragile relationship.

Margrethe’s mother had her first child and daughter after five years of marriage, whereas Prince Knud and his wife had a daughter and two sons. Ingrid was advised to stop having children after her third daughter was born. Next in line should have been the eldest son of the Prince, the King’s brother. To add salt to the wound, Prince Knud was accused of maliciously stealing the name Frederick and Ingrid wanted for the son they had hoped for, “Christian.” Supposedly this is when things really got bad between the brothers. “Christian” was also a traditional name for Danish Kings. Frederick took it as a double insult, even though Christian was a second born son.

When the Act of Succession was presented, it was not as well received, but only needed a minimum of 45% of the electorate. The brother’s hardly spoke again after it was passed.

In 1967 Margrethe married Count Henri de Laborde de Monpezat, a French diplomat and she ascended the throne of Denmark in 1972. He husband was only granted title as Prince Consort. Her main duties are to represent the Kingdom abroad. Margrethe is an accomplished painter and her illustrations were used for the Danish edition of The Lord of the Rings. She also has a costume designing hobby. She has been vocal about speaking out against radical Islam. Denmark is also known as one of the most Liberal Countries in the World.


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