Contemporary History – Rania of Jordan 1970-Present


Rania Al Abdullah

Rania Al Abdullah, Queen Consort of Jordan (1970-Present), was proclaimed by Harpers and Queen magazine as one of the most beautiful first ladies in the world. She was also named among the top 100 most powerful women, by Forbes Magazine

Rania, was born in Kuwait to Palestinian parents. She and her family fled during the first gulf war to Jordan. She graduated from the American University in Cairo with a degree in Business Administration. She then worked at both Citibank and Apple Inc. She met her husband, Abdullah II ibn al-Hussein, King of Jordan shortly after. They have four children together (2 Princes, and 2 Princesses).

Rania, as a Muslim Queen, has a very unique position. She is the first openly declared Queen Consort in awhile. In fact I tried to research the last one since her. Even the King of Morocco’s wife is not titled as Queen Consort, but has Princess. Hurrem Sultan (also known as Roxelana to Slavs), was Suleiman the Magnificent’s Queen during the Ottoman Empire days, however, she could hardly be considered a Queen Consort. Although she held the title as Queen, she was not Suleiman’s only wife.

Rania does carry the title of Queen of Jordan, bestowed upon her by her husband, the King. This is unique in Muslim Society, as there is a general belief that there can be no actual Queens in Islam Kingdoms. In fact, Kings or Sultans are allowed to have several wives and/or harem wives. These women are usually shut away in the inner most confines of the royal palaces and do not show themselves accept to female or eunuch palace servants, their immediate family, and the King himself.

Queen Rania is very active, working hard for the Kingdom of Jordan. She is an advocate for religious tolerance, women’s rights, children, health, and education. She a very well respected all over the world. She even sometimes works as an ambassador for her husband when she meets with world leaders outside of the Kingdom of Jordan. In other words, she is a perfect and ideal Queen.

She also has a Facebook and Twitter. 😉


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