Random Fact of the Day: Curacao



Curacao is a small Caribbean Island that was colonized by the Dutch. The Dutch also brought African slaves to the island, but the natives of the Island are an indigenous group of people called the Arawak. Their ancestors had migrated to the island from the mainland of South America, likely hundreds of years before Europeans arrived. They were believed to have migrated from the Amazon Basin.

Random Fact of the Day – Mauritius



Mauritius is an African island in the Indian Ocean known for it’s beaches, reefs, and lagoons. It is also known for its “7 Colored Earths” in the village of Chamarel. These are sand dunes that are colored: Red, Brown, Violet, Green, Blue, Purple, and Yellow. These dunes fascinate Geologist as they seem to be immune to erosion, despite torrential rains.

Random Fact of the Day: Peru



Peru is home to the domesticated potato. This is where one of the world’s first popular crop was born. The domesticated potato is dated around 8000 BCE. Spain brought this crop from Peru to Europe in 1562. The nutritious and easy to grow potato was responsible for the population soar after the “Black Death” wiped out 1/3 of the continents population.
Read more about the life changing/saving potato on Smithsonian History and Science website: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/how-the-potato-changed-the-world-108470605/

Random Fact of the Day – Scotland



Scotland is the birth place of James VI of Scotland (James I of England). When Elizabeth I (Tudor) died without issue, the English crown passed to her 2nd cousin, James King of Scotland. James was the son of the Scots Queen, Mary Stuart, whom Elizabeth Tudor executed for treason. It was through James that Scotland and England (along with Wales) were united into Great Britain [made official in 1707]. King James was also “THE” King James who transcribed the bible into English for the Church of England. The King James Version is widely used by Protestants around the world to this day. Pictured is Edinburgh Castle, where King James was born.

Random Fact of the Day – Turkmenistan



Turkmenistan is home to many Turkmen. Turkmen are one of the original Turkic tribes, that migrated from Mongolia to Central Asia. Their rich culture and history has been preserved, and their nomadic heritage has survived into the 20th Century. Ruins of ancient Silk Road cities still dot the landscape.